If you want to contact us we'd like you to be very clear on why you are doing so, since we all receive a lot of emails and would prefer to expend less time on this and more on creating companies.

Applying for the programs

If you are interested in joining one of our programs there is a test you need to complete.

  1. Join startupsdominicanas.com, use venture.do as "Incubator"
  2. Find someone to be your Godfather (Padrino) to recommend you from our list of authorized Padrinos :)
  3. The list itself is hidden, finding it is part of the job. However, we can tell you all CEOs of companies already in the program are part of it.
  4. Once your Padrino decides you are ready to join he/she will fill out the application form for you and we'll notify you of the fact.
  5. At this point, he/she is no longer your Padrino, but you do owe him/her a beer for getting you in.
  6. We'll have a couple of meetings to talk to you and the team about the project and if chosen we'll inform you of a start date, but keep in mind we have a long queue.

Investing in our companies

If you are interested in investing with us or being an advisor please email us at team@venture.do with the word "invest" in the subject. We are looking for experienced startup founders, experienced executives in traditional companies, people with local or international connections, field experts in areas where our companies are executing; overall, people that want to have a great time while building the next generation of companies.

If you are interested in being part of one of our companies, we'll be posting jobs on their respective websites.

This website itself is a work in progress and we suggest you check it regularly as new things will show up.

For anything else you can contact us at team@venture.do