Just like a startup we believe in a small focused team of highly talented people that are more interested in the outcome than the current situation. Our goal is to prove that given the right set of individuals, timing, connections, and capital; healthy companies which will generate a very good working salary for their founders and team members, as well as proper returns for their investors, can be established.

Team Members

Jorge Vargas's picture
Jorge Vargas

Tech guy at core. Founded Codemera, a software consultancy firm, that popularized working remotely, the “build work around your life, not the other way around” motto and Python in the Dominican Republic. In 2016 it was ranked #3 of Forbes DR “promesas de negocios”.

Founder of Python Dominicana which generated META, a non-profit that runs 10-15 usergroups in the country and most major tech events.

Lead organizer of 3 Startup Weekend events and country coordinator for the rest of them. Founding member of "Startups Academy", the non-profit that organizes all the startup weekend events in the country as well as other entrepreneurs training initiatives.

Founder of coworking.do, the second coworking space in the country which ran 100s of events and had over 200 members in its lifetime and set a tone to beat by the next generation of office spaces. 

Co-Founder of imprimela.net, a photo printing service with a twist for online marketing and PostCard Project, a platform for providing tourism activities in the Dominican Republic.

Created and ran aceleracionalpha.do, the first pre-acceleration program in the country which graduated 17 companies in two years.

An overall nice guy that can’t stand stupid people :)

Graduated from INTEC with a Computer Science Degree.

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Joel Monegro

Joel began his career in startups as a designer, then engineer, product developer, entrepreneur, government official and finally as a venture capitalist.

He co-founded two startups (365, Score Dominicana) and made his first investment in printhouse.io before joining the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Dominican Republic in 2013, where he started the Digital Economy Department to focus on developing public programs for startups.

He later joined the Union Square Ventures investment team in 2014, one of the most well-known successful venture capital firms in the world with an unbroken record of multi-billion dollar exits or IPOs every year since 2012. While at USV, Joel led 6 of the firm's investments, with one exit.

Jack of all trades, Joel has practical experience in all areas of entrepreneurship, from product development to strategy to building mentor relationships with the founders he works with.